Pago Pago Harbor,  American Samoa


in Tula,

American Samoa, AH45rs

W7GJ 6m EME DXpedition

July 12 - July 28, 2014
(CQ DX Zone 32)
Steep Topography, Tafuna, American Samoa
Looking Northeast Down the Penisula from the DXpedition Operating Site in Tula, Tutuila, American Samoa


You may very well ask, why in the world would anybody go to the opposite side of the world on a 6m DXpedition at a time of year and during a solar cycle with little to no chance of F2 propagation?  The answer, of course, is to take advantage of the superb EME conditions afforded at this point in the low solar cycle!  If you are thinking about a trip, you might as well go someplace VERY rare so you can hand out a new DXCC to virtually every half million mile contact.  And who knows - there just may still be some chance of Es links on both sides of the equator in July.   In order to provide sufficient advance planning for stations wishing to contact me while I am in American Samoa, I am providing plenty of advance notice of this DXpedition.   I urge you to gain experience with JT65A and especially review the QSO PROCEDURE that I use most effectively on these DXpeditions  I look forward to contacting you on 6m!


I plan to arrive in American Samoa late on Friday night July 11 local time and hope to be QRV on 6m by KH8 moonrise on Sunday July 13 GMT.   The view in the photo above is from the antenna site toward the northeast - note the extremely strong trade winds at that exposed QTH!  We are looking forward to a negative horizon over water from the southeast through north and around to the west.  I hope to be QRV through EU moonset on July 28.  Because of the extremely long period of activity projected during optimum Degradation, there may be a few days during highest Degradation (possibly July 23-26 or more) during the second week when I will be off the island - I hope to be able to provide the specific times in advance when I will not be available on 6m.  Until then, please try to make arrangements for a 6m contact with me between July 13 and July 21!  


The 6m station is essentially be the same as that used at E51SIX, 3D2LR, 5W0GJ, E6M and TX5K.    The 6M-1000 has been modified by M2 for overseas use, and provides a solid KW output on JT65A mode with 3 watts of drive.  The transceiver will still be the reliable K3 and PR6 preamp. The K3's flat, wide bandwidth is ideally suited to copying multiple JT65A mode callers spread out every 200 Hz from about -800 Hz to +800 Hz.   Please coordinate amongst yourselves using the ON4KST EME CHAT page and SPREAD OUT

The antenna again is my 6M8GJ yagi fed with LMR600 low loss cable and home-made manual elevation mount.   As you can see from reviewing the results from previous 6m EME DXpeditions, many contacts were made with single yagi horizon-only stations.  The smallest station contacted from all those places was N3CXV with his single 6M5X yagi.   If you have a good yagi, good ground gain, good power and lots of patience, we should be able to complete!  This is especially true with European stations, since there are many cases in which we should both have ground gain at the same time! 
I expect we will be busy looking for terrestrial 6m openings when not aimed up at the moon.


If you copy us, please spot us on the DX Cluster so people will know the correct grid locator, as well as the frequency and our status.  I will diligently try to be QRV during all EU and NA moonsets and EU moonrises.  I should have a negative horizon from east around through north to west, with the antenna 200' above ocean.  The photo above is looking out toward the northeast (toward North America).    Please watch the ON4KST EME page and MMM on VHF page for updates.  I will also try to post results and updates at the bottom of this page.  We are also hoping that there may still be some Es links that time of year, so please keep an ear toward the South Pacific!

Please keep calling me even if you copy me working someone else.  As long as you are not on the same frequency as the other station, you will not be interfering with them.  Please coordinate your calling frequency with others on the ON4KST EME chat page to prevent interfering with each other - ideally, stations should be spread out every 200 Hz.  I try to decode all callers every receive sequence, and I make a note of each caller and their and frequency so I can reply to you as soon as I am able.  Therefore, NEVER change your transmit frequency after you start calling - pick a clear frequency nobody else is using and stay on it!  I will try to contact any callers I can copy, but first priority will be given to people who are copying at that particular time, contributors and stations with shorter common moon windows.  

If you are in EU, I will be looking for you on both my moonrise and moonset. The fact that we will both have ground gain at the same time means that even smaller stations in EU should be capable of a contact, even if the Degradation is not the lowest.  Here is the EXCEL spreadsheet of the currently proposed KH8 6M Operating Schedule.  For those who prefer PDF files, here is the same KH8 6M Operating Schedule in that format.  I will try to keep this updated if there are changes.  Again, please try to contact me earlier in the DXpedition rather than later, as EME cndx the last week are not optimum, and I plan to be off the island for four nights, and returning on schedule may not be possible.  If you think that you will not be able to be QRV for any of the times shown on the operating schedule, or are concerned that you think I may not be QRV during your only window, please send me an email and I will make a special effort to watch for you.

NOTE TO NA STATIONS:  The days of lowest Degradation are July 14-18 and July 27-28.  I will probably try to stay on from moonrise until moonset in NA during those days, except on July 28, when I will have to go QRT after EU moonset.  However, be aware that the moon in KH8 during those days becomes higher than I can aim during the moonset for stations in the central USA.  If you are in NA, I  STRONGLY encourage you to try to elevate your antenna so you can contact me when my moon is lower in elevation (or when I have ground gain when my moon is near the horizon).  For those of you in central NA who may be new to EME, that means MY ELEVATION will become VERY HIGH during your moonset.    Remember that I am using a single yagi, and it can be elevated only to a maximum elevation of 65 degrees (with great difficulty, trying to interlace the elements between the guy ropes), and if the guy ropes are wet, the elements are shorted out causing high SWR, making operation impossible.  I have a lot better success when my elevation is below 45 degrees.  So....even if you are in NA and figure we have plenty of windows, PLEASE don't wait until my elevation is too high to work you - if you are horizon-only, I encourage you to try to contact me early in the trip when my moon is lower than 50 degrees elevation if at all possible! 

On the above proposed operating schedule spreadsheet, I have indicated times when the elevation is over 50 degrees by marking the time period with an asterisk.  If possible, I will try to remain QRV when the moon is high and elevate as high as I can, especially during the days of lowest Degradation.  However, I spent many hours in Niue calling CQ when the moon was high, and nobody seemed to be around, so I may choose to revise the operating schedule if nobody shows up during those periods.

Our operating site is on the windward end of the island, so it is less rainy than further inland.  However, heavy rains can create a 1.5:1 SWR on the antenna, which is high enough to shut down the amplifier.  I will try to get out word if there are any other situations such as heavy rain storms that make it impossible to be QRV, although I do not expect to have access to the internet within an hour's drive of the operating site. 


There MAY be a possibility of some limited internet access nearby, in which case I will try to get on the ON4KST EME chat page or the ON4KST REGION 2 50 MHz chat page from time to time.  If not, I will try to get to an internet cafe periodically to update this web page and/or send out an email to the Magic Band EME group with a status report and list of stations worked.  Once you have confirmed a contact with me, please do not call for a second contact - the common moon windows (especially with EU) are very limited, and many stations are expected to be calling.  


Please QSL direct with SASE (foreign stations include a current IRC or $USD for postage) direct to:

Lance Collister, W7GJ
P.O.Box 73
Frenchtown, MT   59834-0073


For EME, I plan to operate on 50.190 and will always transmit in the first sequence JT65A mode.  Please check this page because I may have to change this frequency due to receiver birdies at my end (although I anticipate that this will be an extremely quiet QTH)!  If you copy me on some ionospheric mode while I am pointed at the moon and calling CQ on JT65A mode, please answer me on JT65A mode and let's make a contact!  When not aiming at the moon, I may also beacon on 50.190 or some other frequency, possibly using JT65A or ISCAT so people can detect me under marginal propagation.  I also plan to have the ability to operate SSB and/or CW if there is any strong enough ionospheric propagation for those modes.   For non-EME work, I plan to use 50.118 MHz when the band is open.


It is very expensive to haul a 6m EME station halfway around the world!  Therefore, any contributions toward the DXpedition are greatly appreciated!  If you would like to contribute via PayPal, please send your contribution by check or cash to my mailing address, or directly via PayPal to my email address, which is my current PayPal account.  I am only able to do these long distance 6m EME DXpeditions every year because of the continued support from the 6m community.   I have the time and equipment to go more often than once a year to new rare DXCC, but I just don't have the finances available.  Many thanks to the following hams who have already very generously contributed to this DXpedition:


Special thanks to Michael Homsany (AH8E
) and Kendra Pinsker (AH8W) for generously providing us a place to stay during our operation!  Without the help of all these wonderful people, it would not have been possible to activate American Samoa for the first time ever on EME!

February 27, 2014 - All airline tickets were purchased last night.  OUCH!   Also, lodging in American Samoa has been finalized.    We are very excited about the rare opportunity to operate from this amazing site ;-)  

July 12, 2014 - Beautiful cloudless HOT day in the sun.  I spent all day up at the site building the antenna and finally raising it just before dark and then  started unpacking the gear and setting up the station inside.   Very exhausting day!
July 13, 2014 - 1st moon pass, and the first ever EME from KH8!  Lots of fun having so many ground gain lobes from being so high above the sea!  Photo shows view toward moonrise, 270' below the antenna ;-)

Also was nice to have visual aiming until around 1000Z, when a front came in and totally socked us in :-(  Degradation was -3.4 dB today, so it is nice to get so many in the log (including a number of single yagi stations) before cndx peak!  Worked the following stations before heading home to take a shower and get some sleep:  KG7H, K2ZD, N3XX, W6BBS, N6BBS, N7NW, K7CW, NN7J, VE1JF, N3CXV.  Also copied but did not work: W7MEM, N6RMJ, K6EME, W4IMD , WA4NJP and W4CSW.  Please spread the word for people to follow the QSO protocol listed on my website.  I will first call people who are copying me.  If you are copying me and only sending calls, don't be surprised if I answer someone else before I test the waters with you!    Because the air conditioning failed here, the power supply overheated and ailed to work at all. 

July 14, 2014 - 2nd moon pass.  After a return trip to the site to further diagnose the problem, it turned out that the power supply simply shutting down due to excessive internal heating.   We brought back a portable house fan to mount directly in front of the power supply, and opened up the room's windows and door to increase air movement.   Both operators and the power supply performed much better ;-)  During the second moon pass, it started out totally overcast and raining, but later the moon was visible, providing the reassurance of visual aiming.   I exchanged call signs with G8BCG, but since the common moon window was only minutes, we failed to complete.   Others heard but not worked were K6EME, ZL2NW, KD7YZ, W8PAT, N8JX, VE3KH, W4CSW, OA4TT and W7IUV.  Stations worked were W7MEM, K4ZOT, WA4NJP,  and W7JW, bringing the total after two moon passes to 14.  At dawn we had a tremendous local noise come up (just an hour before our moonset), that made it impossible to work anyone.   We were unable to locate this noise, but suspect it may be something built into the extensive solar array at the operating site.   We will continue to make efforts to resolve this noise problem, but if you have any choice, please try to work us earlier in the month, when we have common moon before our local sunrise ( around 17300Z) , since we may not be able to be successful during our moonset.  Again, I ask that anyone interested in completing with me here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ MY QSO PROCEDURES on my KH8 DXpedition page: !  Please understand that I will first answer people who are actually copying me, and the only way to do this is if everyone understands the proper procedure I am using NOT just call me with calls if you are seeing my trace at that time.  

REMINDER - I can only elevate my single yagi to 60 degrees!   If you have elevation, or are in EU, please try to call me when my moon is much lower.   When the moon is above 60 degrees, I try to give priority to horizon-only stations in Region 2, who only have that chance available to them.

It is quite exhausting trying to operate all night and still drive the narrow winding road (1.5 to 2 hours each way) to and from the site every day, but we are trying to keep it up as long as we can.  Thanks for your cooperation, and we hope to be able to provide a new DXCC to many of you!

July 15, 2014 - 3rd moon pass.  We are truly very fortunate with the weather here!   Although it rains during the day, it has  been clearing off each night for visual moon tracking during most of the operating hours  ;-)   This is especially fortunate for operation on 6m EME, because I am having to elevate my antenna to its maximum (60 degrees) and interlace the elements in between the dacron guy ropes.   When the ropes become wet, there can be lots of problems when the elements hit the mast's guy ropes.   However, if they are dry, it is possible to elevate without having the amplifier shut down as the elements hit the wet guy ropes during extreme elevations.   Tonight the maximum elevation was only around 81 degrees, which means the moon was 21 degrees off my beam heading.   I can only imagine what kind of lobe there must be at that point!   However, the ground gain of some Region 2 horizon-only stations certainly made up for the aiming limitations on my end!

Tonight was filled with a number of surprises.  One troubling one is that I seem to have an infected toe...I will try to seek some medical attention tomorrow.   On a more positive note, we arrived at the site tonight with an extra 30 minutes to spare before moonrise, and I had a chance to check for terrestrial activity.   There were two KH6 beacons coming in, and I finally raised some activity o on 50.125, working WH6XM and KH6/KB6EGA and WH7FC.   I also later worked KH7Y on CW off the side of my antenna while I was answering EME callers on JT65A mode.

Another surprise was a number of calls on 6m EME from new stations I didn't even know had EME capability!  Many MANY thanks to all who turned out give a call!  Yesterday we had displays by low flying "Flying Foxes", Samoa's huge fruit bats.  And Sunday night I found a number of large brown toads when I went out to aim the antenna - very similar to our experience a few year ago in 3D2.  Tonight I was introduced to the huge coconut land crab!  Bob bravely inserted his foot in the photo for scale ;-)

 Tonight I copied (but did not work) K8WW, EI4DQ, K7RWT, W9GA, K6EME, W3UUM, W6XU, KF8MY, W7UT and OH6MIK.   I completed with the following stations, bringing the total up to 21 6m EME stations worked so far: G8BCG, KB8RQ, VE3KH, VE3MMQ, JG2BRI, OA4TT and ES6RQ. 

Wednesday July 16, 2014 - 4th moon pass.  The windows with EU are starting to open up a little more ;-)  Stations worked were ON4IQ, N8JX, VE5UF, W8PAT, N8GTI and S59A. Stations copied but NOT worked were: ON4GG, K7RWT, EI4DQ, W9GA, K6EME, ZL3NW, KF8MY, K5RK, N6RMJ, W7IUV, N0KE, OH6MIK, HA0DU and SV1DH.  I had an 8 dB intermittent noise during moonset that often made decoding difficult.  One peculiar thing that I noticed was that the whole band would disappear and reappear at the same time on both 6m and 2m.   I am not sure what type of geomagnetic anomaly might be responsible for that.  Next time we notice it, we will have to make note of the azimuth, elevation and time.

Thursday July 17, 2014 - 5th moon pass.  I was on from moonrise to moonset.   Again, the night time skies were clear enough for visual aiming practically all the time.  Having no serious rain storms while I am at high elevations REALLY helps, since I have to shut down if the lower elements are in contact with the wet dacron guy ropes.   The band simply EXPLODED with EU stations at my moonrise.  Stations worked this moon pass were:  ON4GG, F6BKI, G4IGO, CT1HZE, ZL3NW, N6RMJ, W6XU, K7RWT, K8WW, W7IUV, E51SL (Es), YT1AR, SM7FJE, IW5DHN (who still decoded me when my moon was down to -2 degrees elevation!), and SM7AED.   That brought the total 6m EME stations in the log to 41.   Copied but NOT worked were: G8VR, W4IMD, W4CSW, N9FTC, K5RK, K5AM, W7EW, OH6MIK, HA0DU, and YU7EF.

Friday, July 18, 2015 - 6th moon pass.  I confess that I finally crashed :-(   I slept 14 hours and missed the EU moonset and NA moonsets :-(   However, during the EU moonrise, I worked OH6MIK, HA7TM, YU7EF and HA0DU, bringing the total 6m EME worked to 45 so far.   Stations copied but NOT worked were:  S51DI, YO9HP, LZ2WO, 9A8A, OZ1DJJ, S57RR, SV8CS and UZ5DZ. 

Just a reminder - PSE PSE only send me MSG #2 (calls and OOO reports) if you are seeing my trace in the previous period.   I use that to determine who I can work most quickly.  I will usually try 3 times to reply to such stations with calls and OOO reports to them, but if they don't reply by then with RO, I will move on to someone else and they are at the bottom of the list (because I just assume they are sending the wrong message all the time anyway). 

We are working quickly through the list of active 6m EME stations, and the windows with EU are increasing, so there are still some good chances even though the Degradation is on the increase.  Remember, I have a negative horizon of 2 degrees on both moonrise and moonset - with ground gain lobes there! - so PSE do not wait until my moon is over zero degrees to look for me!    Tomorrow I will take some photos of my moonrise and moonset out over the ocean with NOTHING in the way ;-)

MANY of the stations I have worked have been single yagi stations.   The smallest was again N3CXV using his 6M5X yagi aimed at the horizon during his moonset.   If you are a serious 6m DXer, please give me a call on 50.190 JT65A mode during your moonset.  As long as you coordinate your calling frequency with others on the ON4KST EME CHAT page, you will not be QRMing anyone else.   Just do NOT change your frequency once you have started calling, because the DF of the callers is what I record and that is how I track what stations are sending what ;-)  It is very unlikely that we will copy each other best at exactly the same time, so it is nice if I can at least get a jump on a contact with you by decoding you first - PSE do NOT wait until you decode me to start warming up your XMTR!

A final HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for using the ON4KST EME CHAT page so well to coordinate your calling frequencies!  I have not missed any contacts due to QRM caused by stations on top of each other.   You have done an OUTSTANDING JOB of spreading out!  I am sure that is one of the reasons so many stations have made it into the log so far, despite the VERY short window with EU!   I have been able to access that page from time to time while I am operating, but I only rarely look at it, because I am busy enough decoding all the callers each sequence, making notes, completing contacts and  aiming the antenna.  If you have any questions about how to work me, please see the KH8 DXpedition page at my website, or ask some of the helpful 6m EME stations on the ON4KST EME CHAT page.  

And also, thanks for the many well wishers.  My infected toe is getting much better now that I have been on antibiotics for a few days.   I still have having trouble following the instructions of the Russian doctor at the hospital Emergency Room, though.  He said I needed to stay in bed for 5 days with my foot elevated.  I thanked him for the appointment and prescription, but explained that bedrest just was not in the published operating schedule on my website ;-)
Saturday, July 19, 2015 - 7th moon pass.  On again from moonrise to moonset.  Weather was again good, but the most windy period so far.   Stations worked were S57RR, EA8DBM, G3WOS, ON4AOI, G5WQ, KD3UY, W3UUM, UT7QF, 9A8A and OZ1DJJ, bringing the total contacts so far on 6m EME to 55.  Stations copied but not worked were PA3HP, LA8AJA, EA3AKY, GM4WJA, G8VR, K6EME, JR1LZK, K4PI, KF8MY, N5DG, W9GA, K7MAC,UR5LAK, OH2BC, OH7TE, YO9HP, UZ5DZ, LA8AJA and PA3HP.  Conditions were were worse than yesterday due to the increasing Degradation (now up over 4 dB) but that still does not explain the difficulty we had with QSB and other total blanking out of signals.   I am wondering if the KH8 moonset is being disrupted now by tropo ducting effects, now that it is taking place during heated daylight hours.  We could see what looked like fog over the distant ocean horizon today, which suggests the possibility of signal entrapment when the antennas are aimed at the horizon.   I have experienced this before when running with stations experiencing such weather conditions; their EME signals basically disappeared when the moon dropped below 10 degrees elevation.   We are hoping to make up for it by contacting more new stations tomorrow and will be on again from moonrise to moonset.
Sunday, July 20, 2015 - 8th moon pass. On again moonrise to moonset. Kp was 0.3, and the Degradation was -4.4 dB.  The moonrise seemed to be somewhat impaired and I wonder if it might have been trapping due to some sort of tropospheric inversions on this end.  There seemed to be fog or mist over the ocean, and I have seen such trapping taking place on other stations when they were aimed on the horizon.  Also, in NA, there was intense Es activity, which definitely hurt horizon-only stations trying to launch a signal toward the moon.   In addition, the KH8 moonsets (now during the day) suffered severely, probably due to the high TEC levels toward the west at mid-day.  During moonset, no signals at all were heard for many sequences, and the band seemed extremely erratic, with signals suddenly appearing once and then completely disappearing.   As expected, much better results were experienced during the beginning of the operation, when both moonrise and moonset in KH8 were during night time hours.

However, despite these less than ideal conditions, there still seemed to be a number of stations anxious to try to work this rare DXCC.   I completed with PA3HP, LA8AJA, G4FUF, W7GJ (special thanks to the "Home Team" of KB7Q, AJ7LL, K7VK and K7PX!), OH2BC, JR6EXN, and UZ5DZ.  Stations copied but not worked were: OK1RD, HB9Q, EA7KW, GM4WJA, JR1LZK, VK5PO, K4RX, W4CSW, N8OC, W5UN, K7MAC, YO9HP, OZ7OX, S51DI, PE1L, UR7DWW, and LZ2WO.
Monday, July 21, 2015 - 9th moon pass. As previously announced, I was only QRV from KH8 moonrise through JA moonrise.  Degradation was -4.8 dB and Kp = 1.0.  Again, extensive Es from western EU to the eastern half of NA severely interfered with stations beaming toward their moonset.  The only stations worked were OZ4VV and GM4WJA, bringing the total worked so far up to 64, far surpassing the totals from previous 6m EME DXpeditions ;-)  The number of stations capable of 6m EME is greatly increasing!  Stations copied but not worked were IK5MEN, OK1RD, HB9Q, and JR1LZK.  Thanks to everyone for your patience and attempts under adverse conditions!  I hope that we can have better success during the final days of operation next weekend, Saturday July 26 and Sunday, July 27.  Even though it is full moon next weekend, the Degradation will be considerably lower, and unless the sun is abnormally active and there is unusually intense Es in NA and EU, there should be some good chances for those who still are close to making a contact.  Best of luck to you all, and rest assured that I will be QRV again moonrise to moonset on both Saturday and Sunday next weekend, looking hard for new stations!   I will be starting to dismantle the station after KH8 moonset on July 27, and will take down the antenna and pack it up to leave American Samoa on Monday July 28.
Tuesday July 22, 2014 - Somebody over here just died from an unknown mosquito born disease, so they are trying to figure out what it is and issuing announcements to keep people safe.  The are urging infected people to quarantine themselves and go to the hospital immediately.   The Health Department is suggesting that it is one of three serious diseases, and the victim apparently tested negative for Dengue Fever. Looks like it is time to lay low and wear the mosquito repellant clothing ;-)  Other blood samples are being tested for chikungunya, zika and ross river virus, but those tests are done by the CDC in Atlanta, so results will not be available for a couple of weeks.

I also need to start making the time soak my toe and keep it elevated so I am ready to hit it hard starting Saturday morning ;-)  Resting up for a few days at Turtle and Shark Lodge.

Saturday July 26, 2014 - 10th moon pass moonrise to moonset. Overcast skies with occasional light rain. New moon weekend, but no appreciable sun noise.   No visual aiming possible, but that was not a problem with the manual readouts.  Only station worked was K6MYC, bringing the total EME stations worked to 65.   Stations copied but not worked were EA3AKY, JR`LZK, W7EW, LY2BAW, UR7DWW, SP3RNZ and S51V. I had trouble with the PA kicking out during moonset, and quit just as my ground gain was starting.   I was unable to determine what the problem was that was causing the amp to kick out, but I suspect it was something related to stray RF when I was aimed at moonset.  The amp and power supply were definitely staying cool enough, as they had just installed air conditioning in the room we were using at the operating site, and I also had a large high volume house ventilation fan circulating the cool air around the gear.

Sunday July 27, 2014 - 11th and final moon pass and was QRV from moonset in NA to my moonset.  No visual aiming possible, but that was not a problem with the manual readouts.  Very difficult to see any traces, probably due to a combination of the strong NA Es, plus high TEC values over KH8.   I did complete with K4RX, LY2BAW and S51V, bringing the final total worked on 6m EME up to 68.   Other stations copied but not worked were VK7JG, W9JN, W5UN and W3XO/5.   I had to hop back and forth between 50.190 and 50.200, due to wobbling birdies that encroached on my calling frequency.  I also suffered from the PA kicking out during moonset, but was able to keep shutting down and resetting it in order to stay active until the moon was below zero degrees.
Monday July 28, 2014 - Some of the best weather we enjoyed since arrival.   I finished taking down the antenna and left the operating site at 1500 local time.   We rushed to get everything packed but were able to check our luggage, eat dinner, return the rental car and make our flight to Honolulu at 2330 local time.  Bob has fallen ill, and we hope that he doesn't have one of the serious mosquito-borne illnesses (they finally identified the illness that was causing the outbreak in American Samoa was chikungunya).
Tuesday July 29, 2014 - Made the connection in Honolulu and arrived in Seattle with 4 hours to spare.   Arriving in Missoula airport at midnight local time; hope to be home by 0100 local time on Wednesday morning.  Bob just reported that he has no fever, and only has a head cold, so that is a relief!  
Wednesday July 30, 2014 - Arrived home at 0200 local time, without any of our 4 pieces (200 pounds) of checked baggage :-(  Fortunately, the amplifier and power supply and K3 and KX3 backup were all in our carry-on!  Fortunately, everything arrived by early afternoon the following day...just in time for us to depart for New England for a week!


In the end, there were 73 contacts made with 26 DXCC, with 38 other stations in 9 additional DXCC copied but not worked on 6m EME.  68 of the contacts, in 24 different DXCC were worked on 6m EME; the other 5 stations in 2 DXCC were contacted via ionospheric modes, presumably involving the E layer.  The summary is shown below, with all stations listed in alphabetic order.  Signal strengths shown for stations worked are the values during the contact.   Often Faraday rotation made the polarity quite different at both ends of the contact, so larger stations may appear to have been weaker when worked.   Signal strengths shown for stations copied but not worked are the best values copied from them over the course of the DXpedition.   Some stations were copied many different times during the operation, and a number of those stations were called for extended periods of time without success.  May the tones be with you!

6M EME 9A8A -28 1
6M EME CT1HZE -25 2
6M EME EA8DBM -25 3
6M EME ES6RQ -25     4
6M EME F6BKI -18 5
6M EME G3WOS -22 6
6M EME G4FUF -23
6M EME G4IGO -26
6M EME G5WQ -23
6M EME G8BCG -27
6M EME GM4WJA -23 7
6M EME HA0DU -26 8
6M EME HA7TM -20
6M EME IW5DHN -24 9
6M EME JG2BRI -29 10
6M EME K2ZD -20 11
6M EME K4RX -27
6M EME K4ZOT -20
6M EME K6MYC -25
6M EME K7CW -21
6M EME K7RWT -26
6M EME K8WW -26
6M EME KB8RQ -26
6M EME KD3UY -27
6M EME KG7H -22
6M EME LA8AJA -24 12
6M EME LY2BAW -20 13
6M EME N3CXV -20
6M EME N3XX -20
6M EME N6BBS -21
6M EME N6RMJ -25
6M EME N7NW -23
6M EME N8GTI -23
6M EME N8JX -26
6M EME NN7J -26
6M EME OA4TT -26 14
6M EME OH2BC -26 15
6M EME ON4AOI -25 16
6M EME ON4GG -18
6M EME ON4IQ -22
6M EME OZ1DJJ -28 17
6M EME OZ4VV -29
6M EME PA3HP -30 18
6M EME S51V -19 19
6M EME S57RR -25
6M EME S59A -25
6M EME SM7AED -21 20
6M EME UT7QF -27 21
6M EME UZ5DZ -17
6M EME VE1JF -28 22
6M EME VE3KH -28
6M EME VE5UF -27
6M EME W3UUM -25
6M EME W6BBS -21
6M EME W6XU -24
6M EME W7GJ -20
6M EME W7IUV -25
6M EME W7JW -27
6M EME W7MEM -25
6M EME W8PAT -24
6M EME YT1AR -24 23
6M EME YU7EF -21
6M EME ZL3NW -28 24

6M ES ? E51WL       -21
6M ES ? KH6/KB6EGA     59 26
6M ES ? KH7Y       599

6M ES ? WH6XM        51

6M ES ? WH7FC        59


6M EME EA3AKY -24 27
6M EME EA7KW -30
6M EME EI4DQ -28 28
6M EME G8VR -24
6M EME HB9Q -21 29
6M EME K4PI -27
6M EME K5RK -26
6M EME K6EME -23
6M EME K7MAC -25
6M EME KD7YZ -27
6M EME KF8MY -24
6M EME LZ2WO -19 30
6M EME N0KE -24
6M EME N5DG -27
6M EME N8OC -23
6M EME N9FTC -23
6M EME OH7TE -29
6M EME OK1RD -23 31
6M EME OZ7OX -26
6M EME PE1L -21

6M EME S51DI -25
6M EME SP3RNZ -24 32
6M EME SV1DH -30 33
6M EME SV8CS -30
6M EME VK5PO -24 34
6M EME VK7JG -29
6M EME W3XO/5 -27
6M EME W4CSW -24
6M EME W4IMD -25
6M EME W5UN -28
6M EME W7EW -22

6M EME W7UT -28
6M EME W9GA -23
6M EME W9JN -26
6M EME YO9HP -22 35

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