In August of 2011, I activated 5W on 6m EME and completed contacts with 44 stations around the world.  Complete details of the operation are here
Additional photos from the trip can be viewed here.

Hope to CU from the next rare DXCC on 6m EME!  VY 73, Lance W7GJ

View to the north; antenna is aiming northeast.  Water is saltwater bay formed by a narrow spit of land; the antenna is high enough to see the open ocean beyond.
View to the east.  The ham shack is in the bungalow ("Unit #4") shown.                                                                                          Rough lava terrain toward moonset to the northwest.

Copying N3CXV on his moonset from 5W0GJ on Friday August 26

Front of yagi actually hanging out over salt water during high tide moonrise on the last weekend of August!  Love that ground gain!

5W0GJ receiving "RO" from K7CW 2009Z 29 August 2011

The last moonset at 5W0GJ

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