CP1GJ in FH53kt

W7GJ 6m EME DXpedition
May 5-21, 2019


(CQ DX Zone 10, ITU Zone 14)

  Antenna Location at Hotel Onkel Inn on the shore of Lake Titicaca.


A full trip report is available here: http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj/CP1GJ DXpedition 2019.pdf


Providing the first ever 6m contacts to the United States from VK9C and VK9X in 2017 and from C2 last fall is a tough act to follow!  This year, I am activating a rare DXCC in this hemisphere that has never been on 6m EME before. I am confident it is also quite rare in Europe, Africa, Asia and other countries.  Since it is the bottom of a very poor solar cycle, there is little chance of making any long distance contacts on 50 MHz via the ionosphere. However, I believe I have located a good site to operate EME (moonbounce), and will be active there during optimum days of the month and at a time of the year to take advantage of the superb EME conditions afforded at this point in the low solar cycle!  Since this country is VERY rare, I am looking forward to providing a new DXCC with practically every half million mile contact. In order to provide sufficient advance planning for stations wishing to contact me while I am in Bolivia, I am providing plenty of advance notice of this DXpedition. I urge you to gain experience with JT65A and follow my Step-By-Step JT65A Setup Checklist to make sure you are using it properly for EME!  And especially review the QSO PROCEDURE that I use most effectively on these DXpeditions.  Remember also to use the SHORTHAND messages (the two tone RO, RRR and 73) in JT65A!  I look forward to contacting you on 6m!

As you know, a good location can mean everything to the success of one of these DXpeditions.  The above photos show you some of the key reasons that make this a highly desirable location.  Most of the time I am elevated, I will be aiming out over the lake and at right angles to the nearest town.  I won't know how much - if any - ground gain I have during my moonrise, although that will undoubtedly change as my moonrise azimuths change from out over the lake to more over the land.  I expect to have some ground gain during moonset, which is always out over the lake.  This site does afford reliable AC power, a source of food, a secure and safe location for the equipment, and an open spot to be able to set up and operate the antenna.  And, in the event there IS some ionospheric propagation, I have a clear shot over the water for the first 70 miles toward North America!

My VISA to enter Bolivia is here.  My tentative operating schedule as an Excel spreadsheet is here, in pdf is here. The local time is 4 hours behind UTC. The maps show where in the world this remote place is located   I hope you will make the effort to look for me!


Because of the lengthy plane flights, in addition to lengthy ground transportation,  a couple of days are required just in traveling!   I hope to be QRV from May 7 through May 16 UTC.  However, these days DO include the lowest Degradation days of the month (also over a full moon weekend), so I hope that will provide enough opportunity for people who are serious about working me on 6m EME.  I will be leaving home early on May 5 and plan to finally arrive at Lake Titicaca on the evening of May 6.  I plan to assemble the antenna and hope to be QRV by my moonset on May 7, although working at 13,000' elevation may slow things down a bit!  I plan to tear down around May 17 or 18 and depart for home from La Paz on May 21. 

I expect to periodically have access to the internet, although probably not from the ham shack.  I should be able to update this page daily with progress reports and stations worked and will also be sending out the same updates to the Magic Band EME email group.   I  will try to check in from time to time on the ON4SKT EME CHAT page.


The plans for the 6m station are essentially the same as used at VK9CGJ and VK9XGJ in 2017 and C21GJ in 2018.  Further details regarding the equipment and station set up are available here.
As you can see from reviewing the results from previous 6m EME DXpeditions, many contacts were made with single yagi horizon-only stations.  The smallest station contacted from all the DXCC so far was N3CXV with his single 6M5X yagi.   If you have a good yagi, good ground gain, a quiet QTH, good power and lots of patience, we should be able to complete!  


If you copy me, please spot me on the DX Cluster so people will know the correct grid locator, as well as the frequency and my status.   I will diligently try to be QRV during all my moonrises and moonsets as published on the operating schedule.  The antenna should have a good view at a height of 70' over the lake, and it will soon become clear after a few moonrises and moonsets which elevations are best for my ground gain lobes.   Please watch the ON4KST EME page and/or the DX Cluster for updates on what people are copying and when, and what restrictions I might have regarding my actual moonrises and moonsets. 

Please keep calling me even if you copy me working someone else.  As long as you are not on the same frequency as the other station, you will not be interfering with them.  Please coordinate your calling frequency with others on the ON4KST EME chat page to prevent interfering with each other - ideally, stations should be spread out every 200 Hz.  I try to decode all callers every receive sequence, and I make a note of each caller and their DF (or "offset") so I can reply to you as soon as I am able, or
use that frequency to identify you later if you are copying me (by sending me calls and OOO - see the special DXpedition QSO procedure link above). Therefore, NEVER change your transmit frequency after you start calling - pick a clear frequency nobody else is using and stay on it!  I will try to contact any
callers I can copy, but first priority will be given to people who are copying at that particular time, contributors, and stations with shorter common moon windows. I also will be giving priority to those stations who have demonstrated their unselfish commitment to 6m EME by their willingness to accept schedules as requested by other DXers who still need their DXCC.

I am planning to use JT65A mode in WSJT-X during this DXpedition, provided I can keep it running reliably on my laptop computer.  Because of that, I should be able to see callers 1000 Hz above and 1000 Hz below the frequency of my Sync Trace, which will be 1271 Hz (to be compatible with the default Sync trace frequency in WSJT10).  In addition to the wider waterfall ("Wide Graph") bandwidth, JT65A in WSJT-X is slightly more sensitive in decoding very weak signals.  And many of the signals I copy on my small portable antenna are very weak, so I will be doing everything I can to work callers!  If I am forced to return to WSJT10, I will try to send out that news, since the range of the waterfall is not as great in WSJT10, and it would be a shame for stations to be calling where I cannot see them.

NOTE TO ALL STATIONS:  The days of lowest Degradation are May 10-14,  which includes a weekend ;-)  How much more convenient can it be for you?   Remember that I am using a single yagi, and it can be elevated only to a maximum elevation of 65 degrees (with great difficulty, trying to interlace the elements between the guy ropes), and if the guy ropes are wet, the elements are shorted out causing high SWR, making operation impossible.  As the DXpedition period progresses, the moon does get very high at this latitude.  Please remember that I do have difficulty elevating over 50 degrees, and I lose any ground gain above 45 degrees elevation.  So, if you can, please look for me when my moon is lower than 45 degrees.  I will be trying increase my mast height a few feet on this trip, to provide more clearance at higher elevations, and will also try to anchor my guy ropes in closer to the mast to provide more clearance at higher elevations.  I always have a lot better success when my elevation is below 45 degrees.  So....even if you figure we have plenty of common window time, PLEASE don't wait until my elevation is too high to work you - if you are horizon-only, I encourage you to try to contact me when my moon is lower than 45 degrees elevation if at all possible!  There is also another reason for trying to contact me when my moon is lower -  Because my antenna is only 20' above the ground, I do get some additional ground gain when my moon is below 45 degrees elevation.  That is one reason why I have been so successful on 6m EME with only a single yagi! You will also notice that I do have very short common moon windows window with eastern NA stations on my moonrise (which may not work well at all, as my moonrise moves further down to the east).    If you are in EU and you have a 6m EME array with elevation, PLEASE WAIT to call me until after the moonrise in NA.  I will be giving priority to NA horizon-only stations.  There is lots of time to work you while we are both elevated and/or during your moonset - MNI TNX!!!

On the above tentative operating schedule spreadsheet, I have indicated times when the elevation is over 50 degrees by marking the time periods with diagonal lines throughout the cells.  If possible, I will try to remain QRV when the moon is high and elevate as high as I can, especially during the days of lowest Degradation.  However, if nobody seems to be around, I may choose to go QRT if nobody shows up during those periods, or if I have already worked stations whose moon is on the horizon during those periods. Please check on the ON4KST EME CHAT page for updates regarding my activity during such periods.

Please also note that  heavy rains can create a 1.5:1 SWR on the antenna, which is high enough to shut down the amplifier.  So, I may have to be off the air at times.  Please just keep watch on 50.175 and I will try to stick to the published schedule as well as I can.


As explained above, expect to be able to send out daily updates to the MAGIC BAND EME email group and revise this website daily with a list of the stations worked.  Please watch the MAGIC BAND EME email list for updated information.  Please also share any updates with others on the ON4KST EME CHAT page.  If there is some question regarding a contact, please DO call again.  However, once you have confirmed a contact with me, please do not call for a second contact - some of the common moon windows  during the lowest Degradation periods are very limited, and many stations are expected to be calling.  

Sorry, no LOTW, eQSL or other newfangled ways of confirmation.  I will be using old fashioned photo QSL cards.  Please QSL DIRECT with SASE (foreign stations include a current IRC or $USD for postage) direct to:

Lance Collister, W7GJ
P.O.Box 73
Frenchtown, MT   59834-0073

If we have completed an EME contact, I am happy to QSL direct to you at no additional charge.  However, I will very much appreciate receiving your card and a self addressed envelope to relieve some of the burden of looking up all your addresses!

Because of birdies, I plan to operate on 50.175, and will always transmit in the first sequence JT65A mode.  Please check the ON4KST EME CHAT page for news from other hams in case I have to change this frequency due to receiver birdies at my end.  If you should copy me on some ionospheric mode while I am pointed at the moon and calling CQ on JT65A mode, please answer me on JT65A mode and let's make a contact!  It is very inconvenient for me to switch modes while I am calling CQ or working EME stations on JT65A mode, so please do not call me on CW or SSB or FT8 and expect me to switch over to answer you.  When I am not aimed up at the moon, I very well may be on SSB or FT8 mode.  For FT8, I will be using WSJT-X Version 2 on 50.313 MHz.  My QTH is only a few degrees south of the magnetic equator, so there very well may be some ionospheric propagation somewhere to the north - please spot me if you copy me on a direct path (my DT=0).

It is extremely expensive to haul a 6m EME station halfway around the world.  Too many times, we hear DXpedition stations say they can't take a 6m beam and/or amp because "they are already overweight and cannot afford the excess baggage fees".  If you want to do a good job and are committed to going halfway around the world to succeed, this unfortunately is a large part of the necessary expense.  Although I always keep my costs as low as possible, my travel, excess baggage and lodging costs alone to activate this rare one will be over $4000.  Therefore, any contributions toward the DXpedition are greatly appreciated!  If you would like to contribute, please send your contribution by check or cash to my QRZ.com mailing address, or directly via PayPal to my email address, which is my current PayPal account.  I am only able to do these long distance 6m EME DXpeditions every year because of the continued support from the 6m community and I am extremely indebted to you for your continued support.   I have the time and equipment to go more often than once a year to new rare DXCC, but I just don't have the finances available.  You may have noticed that I also am planning to activate another rare one in September - so this is going to be a very expensive year of 6m EME DXpeditioning! 

Many thanks to the following hams who very generously contributed to this DXpedition:

     MNI MNI TNX for your continued support!!

http://www.advancedreceiver.com/101.gif         M2 Antenna Systems,
                                Inc            The DX Shop


MONDAY MAY 6.  Arrived La Paz at 4 AM, and all equipment arrived OK.  However, customs spend 2 hours getting lists of equipment, checking luggage and arguing about whether to let the gear into the country.  Fortunately, Pablo CP1PA was there to negotiate and help fill out forms in Spanish.  We found our minivan driver and loaded up the gear.  After a 4 hour trip in the minivan, we arrived at the Onkel Inn in Copacabana on Lake Titicaca.  I started work on the antenna at 10 am.  I got the mast put together, guyed, and ready for the antenna.  I assembled the antenna and elements but ran out of daylight (and energy) before I could align the elements.  A stripped screw on the reflector mounting bracket caused an hour delay while I tried to borrow tools to remove it; I inserted a spare.  My 50' of LMR600 UF from the antenna JUST made it to the slider of my room.  I added a 4' piece of LMR600 at that point, to get me through into the shack.  I drove my 23" long ground rod at that point, and use a stainless steel hose clamp to connect the ground braid from the ground rod to the coaxial connectors at that joint.  I find that the 50 Hz hum birdies are almost completely gone after watering the ground rod twice a day.
TUESDAY MAY 7 (first partial moon pass).  Aligned the elements and raised the antenna.  A video of the raising is available here:


Then assembled the station and fired things up for the first time at 2:30 pm local time. Severe thunderstorms most days/nights and the internet is very intermittent.  I found too many birdies on 50.190, so moved to 50.191.  The first day, I completed with 16 stations:


I copied but did not work the following stations: S51DI, HA8FK, K2ZD, EI3KD, G4BWP, W6UC, and VK4MA

When I got a chance after moonset, I was able to find a clearer frequency of 50.183, and all future EME operations will be there. My noise level comes up at nightfall when all the lights come one, and my noise level continues to climb after I lower antenna below 25 degrees, aimed out over the hotel reception area for moonset.  I suspect that when my moonset is later than 0400Z (when the reception area closes down), my moonset will become quieter.

WEDNESDAY MAY 8 (2nd moon pass).  Below is a photo of the antenna still tied down from the first night's moonset.  As you can see, I have to beam over the hotel's Reception/Lobby/Breakfast area to reach the lake.  My antenna is about 70' above the lake.

The second day of operation started out with lots of difficulty from the ionosphere. I was afraid my receiver or preamp was broken and tried a different receive setup without any improvement. I went back to the ARR preamp into the RTS Dongle, which gives me a wider and flatter bandpass. However, once the moon started getting high, things improved even though the Degradation was still above 5 dB all day.

Moving to 50.183 greatly reduced the strongest birdies, and by watering my short 23" ground rod twice today, most of the 50 Hz hum birdies disappeared ;-) I still have increased noise from lights after sunset, and especially when I aim lower at the hotel reception area on my moonset. Lots of thunderstorm activity here!

Stations worked today in order were UR0MC, K2ZD, OH2BC, EA8DBM, GD0TEP, N7IP, G3WOS, OH6MIK, K4PI, OZ4VV, G4BWP, G8VR, and NJ6P for a total of 29 so far.

Decoded but not worked today were YL2AO, OH3SR, OH7KM, EI3KD, W5ADD, ZL3NW, VK4MA, JG1TSG and JO1PSX. I will try to be on tmrw starting at moonrise, and hope the ionosphere behaves better to the east ;-)  I also have some ground clutter and obstructions to the east, but we will see how things work at this azimuth. If I have internet, I will be on the ON4KST EME CHAT page.

GL to all and hope to see you in the coming days.
THURSDAY MAY 9 (3rd moon pass). Kp was 2 and the Degradation was down around 3 dB.  The high TEC area had shifted south, which really helped with the propagation as I was tracking the moon across through the north.  I started right at moonrise, although there do appear to be obstacles in the way. As the days go by, the moonrises further to the south (right) in the photo below:

Between the wall shown at the edge of the hotel property, and the 3 story brick building shown above, there is a vacant open lot about 40m wide. I was pleasantly surprised to have some ground gain on my moonrise as the moon moved above and to the north of the large building shown in the photo, despite all the other buildings and ground clutter further to the east! Stations worked in order were S51ZO, ZS4TX, KJ9I, ZS6NK, ON4AOI, VE1JF, ******, K6EME, SP4MPB, SP4MPB, UT7QF, S51DI, US0LW, OH7KM, F6BKI, UB7K, WG8Q, PA9RX, N6JV, YL2AO, OH3SR, OH5VY, W6UC, G4FUF, EI3KD, and VK4WTN. This brings the total contacts so far to 54. The smallest station award goes to EI3KD with his single 6 element yagi!

Decoded but not worked were NT0V, W8PAT, W7KNT, SP3RNZ, PA9RX, *****, S59Z, HA8FK, ZL3NW, N8JX, K7RWT and JG1TSG. Both PA9RX and ZL3NW SAW final RRR but did not decode them, so I am inclined to count them too, but will need to hear what they consider a good contact.

During my moonset, my antenna looks out over the lake and my inclinometer measures the horizon as -1.5 degrees.  However, my antenna is only 70' above the lake, and there is the hotel reception building on the ground between the antenna and the lake. My increased noise at night and beaming over top of the reception building seems to make me heard much better than I hear during my moonset. 

GL to all and MNI TNX for the contacts from Bolivia!  VY 73, Lance

FRIDAY MAY 10 (4th moon pass).  Kp Index started at 1 and the Degradation was -1.9 dB and ends around 1.0 dB. I started right at my moonrise, although the moon was behind the brick building next door.  Signals did not start appearing until the moon cleared the building around 9 degrees elevation.  I will still try again tomorrow at moonrise, but it may be more realistic to expect signals after I elevate to around 15 or 20 degrees.

In addition to the building obstruction to the east, I had unusual software problems and I think I also had bad blockage by the high TEC to my east. I also had many birdies on 50.183. I finally corrected my software problem and moved to 50.175, which was much clearer for me here today. I may try to go back to 50.183 tmrw - pse check on the ON4KST EME CHAT page for my frequency. Toward the end of the moon pass, I began to have success again. Today I completed with (in order): IW5DHN, W7GJ, AJ7LL, KB7Q/7, W5ADD, LY2IJ, W8IW, *****, W6XU, JS2CQA, W7KNT, N8JX, KA8SYV, and JR2SQZ. That brings the total EME contacts so far to 68.  Special thanks to KB7Q and AJ7LL for activating my home station while I am down here ;-)

JA7QVI decoded me on my moonset until my moon was down to 1 degree.  However, I unfortunately was not able to copy many stations after dropping the antenna down to the horizon. I think the high TEC to the west as well as my moonset noise hurt me on moonset. We will see in the coming days, because I think much of the noise will go away in that direction at 0400Z.

Stations decoded but not worked were: W6TOD, HA0DU, S59Z, JR1LZK, JO1PSX, and JN1JFC. There was aurora at the northern latitudes tonight, and hopefully that will push the high TEC areas of the ionosphere further south for tomorrow. That helps clear the way for me to work the moon when I aim to the east ;-)

MNI TNX to everyone for your patience and I hope to complete with many of you in the coming days. VY 73, Lance

SATURDAY MAY 11 (5th moon pass). Although it was the lowest Degradation of the month of -0.6, the Kp index was 4, so cndx were unsettled. After the moon rose above my building to the east, I completed with W9JN, LZ2CC, *****, SP3RNZ, W9GA, W6TOD, K9VTG, G5WQ, S59Z, HA0DU, W8PAT, *****, W8OI, K4JWA, ZL3NW and VK4MA.  That brings the total worked so far to 84.

Decoded but not worked were KA9CFD, KX4R, N1DG, S59P, SM6LPF, N8GTI, OZ1DJJ, JR1LZK, JO1PSX, JN1JFC, VK3DUT and JG1TSG.

I had hoped that my noise would go down after 0400Z when the the hotel reception office (over which I have to beam during my moonset) closes, but they do leave some power on (like the wi-fi and a few lights) after they shut down. This night, my noise went up greatly after 0400Z, making it impossible to copy anyone. The hotel manager thinks it was perhaps noise generated by a guest's car, which had its alarm go off because of the severe storm. This was the biggest storm we have had so far, with high winds and hard rain all night, lightning and thunder and even hail on the ground in the morning. Depending on how it is during the next moonset, I may have to stop moonset operation below 20 degrees. However, I will try moonset again tonight and see if that severe noise was just a single event.

Please continue to look for me on 50.175, since that frequency - at least so far - seems to be the clearest frequency for me here.  My next moonrise is at 1800Z Sunday, but I don't expect to begin being able to see the moon until after 1830Z. 

MNI TNX and GL!  VY 73, Lance

SUNDAY MAY 12 (6th moon pass).  Day started with Kp=0 and Degradation of -0.7. Stations worked were N1DG, WA9LFO, KA9CFD, S59P, HA9TM, N8DX, W3UUM, WT8V, KL7HBK, N2RVU, N7FZU, JA9SJI, JO1PSX, and JG1TSG. Total worked so far is 98 stations.

Stations decoded but not worked were W8HC, N9IW, KX4R, IW5BPE, LA8AJA, F5LNU, N2TIN, VK5PJ, VK8MS and JE3GRQ.

I expect to be on Monday and Tuesday from moonrise to moonset, but perhaps will go QRT on EME then.  Will post info on the ON4KST EME CHAT page. 
GL and VY 73, Lance

MONDAY MAY 13 (7th moon pass). Stations worked were W4TAA, SP7VC, LY2BAW, WA8WV, W8TN, K7KX, JN1JFC and KD7KPE. That brings the total 6m EME stations worked so far to 106.

Stations decoded but not worked were LZ2WO, LZ2DF, KX4R, W8HC, HA8CE, F5LNU, K7RWT, ZL7DX, JR1LZK and VK5PJ.

Tuesday May 14 will be my LAST FULL MOON PASS!  This is the last chance for East Coast USA horizon-only stations to contact me if you still need CP on 6m!  My moonrise is around 2000Z on Tuesday.

I will continue using 50.174 and will be transmitting in the first sequence JT65A. There is a chance I may be able to be on for one last moonrise on Wednesday, and I will announce that on the ON4KST EME CHAT page and on my CP1GJ web page.

GL and CU Tuesday!  VY 73, Lance

TUESDAY MAY 14 (8th and final moon pass).  The day started out with a Degradation of 1.8 dB and a high Kp index. I didn't have internet for the first 4 hours of the moon pass, so I couldn't keep tabs on the geomagnetic cndx too well. As the declination is going south, the moonrise is more blocked by the mountain to the east and southeast.  My moonrise elevation today was actually more around 10 degrees, and since I have not ground gain that direction, I just started with the beam elevated at 15 degrees. Not a really functional solution, but it was about all I could do. It also didn't help that there was quite an Es opening taking place in NA and JA today. However, on EME I did work N8GTI, K8RRT, K7CW, YU7EF, N2TIN, VK5PJ.  The final total 6m EME stations worked for sure was 111 in 30 DXCC. 

By moonset, the Degradation was up to 2.7 dB.  MNI TNX to everyone!  Now I need to rest before taking down the station and packing everything for home!  VY 73, Lance

WEDNESDAY MAY 15.  In the local afternoon, I worked 18 stations on FT8 via the northern equatorial buldge to KP4 and YV.  Also had  Es links up the east coast to VE1 and W4 through W1 ;-)  Apparently, FT8 was too narrow bandwidth for some of the multipath frequency spreading contributed by my first hop using the equatorial buldge, and some contacts failed apparently because of this.
THURSDAY MAY 16.  I called CQ for 6 hours with a kw on FT8 toward NA, without any success.
FRIDAY MAY 17.  The antenna was taken down, and packed along with all the equipment.
Saturday May 18.  We went to Isla del Sol to relax for a couple nights.
Monday May 20. We return to Copacabana, then on to La Paz.
Tuesday May 21. Flight from La Paz to Bogota to Houston to Denver to Missoula, MT.  Returned home after 31 hours of traveling, and all our gear arrived home with us!

111 6m EME contacts were made in 30 different DXCC.  An additional 23 stations were copied on 6m EME but not worked.  On FT8, I worked 19 stations and added two more DXCC.


MAY 15 2019 1738 WP4G -10 X

1804 WA1EAZ -05 X

1805 W1JJ +00

1809 K1SIX +00 X

1826 W2OR -14 X

1829 WB4JWM +03

1857 K2ZD -16

1900 VE3LYC -13 X

1902 AC4TO -08 X

1922 N1KWF -17

1927 W4IMD -11 X

2015 KP4AJ -14

2023 KA1R -02 X

2032 N7NR -07

2039 VE1JF -09 X

2054 KO1DX -06

2113 K5XI -04 X

2124 N7NR -08 X

2126 YV4DYJ +00

1758 K1TOL -16 X







1 7 May, 2019 1906 KG7H -20 X

1936 ON4GG -25 X

1940 W7JW -28 X

1948 ON4IQ -30 X

2014 G8BCG -21 X

2018 ES6RQ -25 X

2030 N3XX -24 X

2036 S59A -17 X

2040 S57RR -19 X

2102 NN7J -25 X

2202 GM3POI -20 X

2220 N8RR -24 X

2250 FK8CP -27 X

2310 N7NW -26 X

8 May, 2019 0008 JG2BRI -24 X

0016 JA7QVI -23 X

1950 UR0MC -24 X

2006 K2ZD -23 X

2030 OH2BC -21 X

2038 EA8DBM -26 X

2106 GD0TEP -23 X

2116 N7IP -21 X

2128 G3WOS -27 X

2146 OH6MIK -20 X

2208 K4PI -30 X

2216 OZ4VV -29 X

2256 G4BWP -25 X

2306 G8VR -22 X

May 9, 2019 0054 NJ6P -28 X

1602 S51ZO -26 X

1608 ZS4TX -22 X

1634 KJ9I -21 X

1654 ZS6NK -22 X

1720 ON4AOI -24 X

1727 VE1JF -30 X

1744 DL8YHR -23 X

1752 K6EME -28 X

1838 SP4MPB -21 X

1848 UT7QF -18 X

1902 S51DI -19 X

1908 US0LW -25 X

1922 OH7KM -22 X

1928 F6BKI -19 X

1934 UB7K -19 X

2054 WG8Q -24 X

2152 PA9RX -20 X

2158 N6JV -29 X

2226 YL2AO -26 X

2232 OH3SR -27 X

2248 OH5VY 20 X

2326 W6UC -23 X

2330 G4FUF -21 X

2350 EI3KD -30 X

May 10, 2019 0222 VK4WTN -30 X

1840 IW5DHN -17 X

2230 W7GJ -18 X

2238 AJ7LL -12 X

2248 KB7Q/7 -17 X

2306 W5ADD -17 X

2316 LY2IJ -27 X

2320 W8IW -24 X

2354 DK8NE -18 X

May 11, 2019 0136 W6XU -28 X

0150 JS2CQA -24 X

0202 W7KNT -24 X

0214 N8JX -30 X

0244 KA8SYV -30 X

0256 JR2SQZ -23 X

1608 W9JN -24 X

May 11, 2019 1910 LZ2CC -22 XX

1916 DK2PH -26 X

1928 SP3RNZ -19 X

1938 W9GA -29 X

1944 W6TOD -19 X

1948 K9TVG -26 X

2020 G5WQ -21 X

2042 S57Z -22 X

2114 HA0DU -20 X

2136 W8PAT -24 X

2158 DF90X -19 X

2316 W8OI -18 X

2332 K4JWA -26 X

May 12, 2019 0216 ZL3NW -22 X

0418 VK4MA -19 X

1926 N1DG -24 X

1934 WA9LFO -30 X

2040 KA9CFD -20 X

2058 S59P -20 X

2128 HA7TM -27 X

2250 N8DX -23 X

May 13, 2019 0002 W3UUM -30 X

0030 WT8V -23 X

0046 KL7HBK -29 X

0302 N2RVU -19 X

0320 N7FZU -26 X

0434 JA9SJI -21 X

0506 JO1PSX -22 X

0514 JG1TSG -22 X

2034 W4TAA -28 X

2124 SP7VC -25 X

2332 LY2BAW -23 X

2348 WA8WV -28 X

MAY 14 2019 0014 W8TN -30 X

0422 K7KX -19 X

0504 JN1JFC -22 X

0524 KD7KPE -26 X

2118 N8GTI -30 X

MAY 15 2019 0004 K8RRT -19 X

0042 K7CW -17 X

0048 YU7EF -20 X

0302 N2TIN -21 X

This page last revised on  8 March 2020