Easily Constructed Quarter Wave Whip for 6m Mobile Operation

Using only four easily obtained commercial components, it is quick and easy to come up with a mobile antenna to take advantage of the summer Es season on 6m.  Below is a list of the pieces required:

Model 371 Magnetic Mount from Lakeview Company, Inc. (TEL: 864 226-6990)
Model WA-1 Whip Adapter from Lakeview Company, Inc. (TEL: 864 226-6990)
Item # 273-0069 pair of Snap Choke Cores from Radio Shack for RG58U coax
Item #21-988 64" Height Mobile CB Antenna from Radio Shack

1.  Drill out the smaller hole in the WA-1 with a 1/8" drill bit to accept the bottom of the CB whip.
2.  Insert the stainless steel CB whip into the WA-1 so that is sticks out 1/8" past the bottom of the threaded portion; tighten the allen screw to prevent the whip from slipping in the WA-1 (the loading coil from the CB whip is not used and can be discarded).
3.  Cut off the exposed 1/8" end of the whip so it is flush with the bottom of the WA-1.
4.  Screw the WA-1 into the 371 Mag Mount.
5.  Install both Snap-on Ferrite Chokes from Radio Shack where the RG-58U coax leaves the 371 Mag Mount; secure them in place with plastic electrical tape.
6.  Set the completed assembly on top of the metal roof of your vehicle, with the chokes and coax pointing to the rear.

The SWR at the low end of 6m is below 1.5:1 (lower than my 5/8 wavelength 2m mag mount antenna on 6m).    See you on the Magic Band!

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