Most of the stations contacted on 6m EME have used horizontally polarized yagi antennas, JT65A mode, at least several hundred watts, and ground gain when the moon was near their horizon.  However,  W7GJ also has completed with ES2RJ (who was only using a 4 element beam and 300w) and W3RGA (who was using only 100w and a 3 element yagi by M2).   Other 100w stations worked include EA8/G8BCG (who was using a 6M7JHV yagi ), YU7EF (with his homebrew 7 element yagi) and G0LFF (with his  5 element LFA yagi).  You don't need a huge antenna to complete at least a few 6m EME contacts (although you can compare the performance of various types of commonly used 6m antennas here). More important is a good, a dedicated 6m antenna with a smooth, clear area in front of the antenna for good ground gain (looking out over the ocean is the VERY BEST!), low loss feed line, a quiet QTH, and choosing a time of month with optimum conditions for EME.  I hope you get some good ideas from these photos and I can include YOUR antenna here soon!  Good luck!

7P8NK 6M5
KR7O borrowed 6M9KHW with elevation

JA1RJU 2 x 9 (elevation) and 2 x 14 (horizon)
JM1SZY 2 x 10
IK2GSO 10 el

LZ3RX/LZ5UV 10 el homebrew
M0BCG 4 x 5 el homebrew
W1JJ 2 x 6M9KHW with full elevation

JG2BRI 2 x 8 el with full elevation
K5GW 4 x 8 el homebrew with 50 ohm feed
ZL3NW Homebrew 10el

GM4WJA 6 el combination 6m/4m yagi
OZ1BNN 2 x 4 el homebrew
ST2RS 6 el homebrew

NL7Z 2 x 6 el Hy Gain
K7BV 4 x 6M7JHV with full elevation

W5LUA 13 el WD5AGO rope yagi (80' long)
OH2BC 2 x 9 el

IS0/I0JU 5 el

K6MYC 4 x 6M9KHW
VE7BBG 5 el
AA7A 10 el rope yagi (63' long)

G4IGO 6 el

G4IGO 2 x 6 el
JI1HCD  3 x 7 KC4PX 2 x 6M7

K1SG 4 x 6M5X with full elevation
KH0/KH2K (JA1RJU) 7 el, manual elevation
OH6YF 5 el

ZS6NK 2 x 6M2.5WLC with full elevation GJ8BCG/P 6M7JHV

FP/N6RA 6M7NAN "trip yagi"
W1JJ 4 x 6M9KHW
VK4ABW 4 x 8 element

K7AD 4 x 6M7
JM1DTF 10 el with elevation
4X/ZL1RS 6 el homebrew with manual elevation

W0RUN 6M7NAN "trip yagi" for 3Y0X YU1CF 4x6 el full elevation (with 16 2m yagis)
WZ8D 2x7 element homebrew

W8PAT 2x7 elements, 20 degrees elevation
PE1BTX 4x6M7JHV with full elevation
4F2KWT 6M7JHV (at 90 degrees to HF beam)

K2BLA 2x7 elements, up to 55 degrees elevation
UT7UV 4x 6M7JHV yagis with full elevation
EI7IX 5 element Trident long boom yagi

W7IUV homebrew 7 element yagi
GU8FBO homebrew 5 element yagi
9H1PA 8 element yagi

JR6EXN 4x8 element yagis, full elevation
EA8/G8BCG 6M7JHV horizon only, 100w!
SM7FJE 11 element yagi

SM7FJE 4x9 elements N5BLZ 4x6 elements with full az/el
5A7A 6 el homebrew long boom

G0GMS 6 el YU7EF on 6.95m boom
KE7NR modified 5 el Cush Craft
ES6RQ 4x6 elements with full az/el

DX0JP homebrew 7 el by JA1RJU
OZ6ABA homebrew 7 el YU7EF design
OZ2LD 5 el OZ6OL design

LA8AJA raising 6M7JHV at OJ0LA
9N7JO 6 el design and EME by YU7EF
W5UWB 6 el with GREAT ground gain!!!

ES2RJ 4el HB9CV yagi on 5th floor balcony PA7FA homebrew 6 element yagi
G4IGO 2x6 el with wood X boom and full elev

G1OAR 2x 6M5X yagis with full elevation
OM3RRC 5 el I0JXX  (OK1TEH DXpedition)
OX3LX 6M5X yagi in GP36

YT1AR 8 element yagi designed by YU7EF
UN8GC 10 element yagi designed by YU7EF
D44TD DXpedition by DL8YHR - 6M7JHV

PC7M 6 element yagi
CN3A DXpedition by SV8CS - 5 el I0JXX
LX1JX 6 element  Create yagi at 13m

OY3JE 4 element quad
I2KBD 6 el I0JXX
LA4ANA 5 el Vargada and 100w

V36M DXpedition by K7BV - 6M7JHV
HL4GHT 10 el YU7EF EF0610
VK6KXW 5 el YU7EF EF0605

ON4KST 10 el YU7EF EF0610
PA7MM 5 el

V51W 2x5 el (HB9QQ EME operator)
KD3UY 100' VE7BQH Rope Yagi

XW1A 5 el yagi
P29NI    2 x 6M7JHV (K6MYC op) with az/el PA7FA 6 el YO optimized homebrew yagi

N6RMJ 4 x 6M5X with full az/el
9A5CW DK7ZB 6 el 7.2m long boom

LX1FX 7 element
OA4TT computer optimized 4 element
JM1WBB 13 element yagi at 37m

CX7TT 3 el SteppIR with 6m fixed parasitic el
TN5SN 7 element I0JXX
K6MYC with 8 el DXpedition ant 6M8GJ

ZS6WAB 2 x 8 el YU7EF with full elevation
GM4WJA homebrew 7 el on 31' boom
M2 6M8GJ at E51SIX (DXped by W7GJ)

F6BKI 9 el on extended boom SteppIR
EI2GLB 6 el Eagle yagi with 100w
K5N broken 6M5X in 300w EL58 DXpedition

K2ZD 4x6M7JHV with full elevation
C37NL Homebrew 7 el by EA7KW
KB7Q/7 in EN06 with M2 6M7JHV and 700w

TZ6EI 7 el by W7XU and W0SD
YU7EF 7 element (EF0607X) and 100w

OA4TT long boom 8 element yagi by N6CA
T61AA in MM21 4 el horizon only and 600w
Z31RM 6 el VE7BQH design

K7XQ 2 x 7 element with adjustable polarity
JD1BMM 7 el in Minami Torishima
ZL1RS self designed 4 el yagi

E51WL 7 el YU7EF design built by ZL1RS
ZS6NK single M2 6M2.5WLC 50' yagi
8Q7QQ single 7 el yagi horizon only

XE2AT 10 el YU7EF yagi at portable QTH
KL7/KB7Q 600w & 6M7JHV with elevation
W3RGA 100w with 3 el M2

OK1RD 4x9 with full elevation
VE5UF 4 x 6M5XHG with full elevation
TF3CY 10 el YU7EF yagi at portable QTH

ZP4KFX 10 YU7EF yagi
VE3KH M2 6M7JHV-HD with elevation

PA0O 7 element LFA yagi
W7CE M2 6M9KHW with elevation
W7MEM 4 x 5 element with elevation

3D2LR 6M8GJ with manual el to 65 deg
A25JD 6M5X and 400w
W6JKV 4 x M2 6M7JHV with full elevation

G3WOS 2x LFA 7 element with full elevation
TA2AD 6 element YU7EF design yagi
PY1KK 7 el with kw horizon only

AA1QD 6 el StepIR horizon only
W8WTS 5el CushCraft per W5WVO, 300w
PJ2/W8WTS W5WVO 5 el CC and 300w

GM4WJA 2x5 horizontal with full elvation
9L5MS 5 el Tonna and 550w
C5YK 4 el and 600w at 59 degrees elevation!

G8BCG  4 x G0KSC 7LFA G4IGO 4x5 element
V55EME 2 x 6M7JHV with elevation

VP8DMH/M0PRL M2 6M8GJ with manual azel
4L1AN/K5BM  M2 6M7JHV at Poti lighthouse PE1CZG 6 el ement LFA

S59A 9 el YU7EF design
KB7Q 6M5X horizon only

S57RR M2 6M9KHW with with elevation
5W0GJ M2 6M8GJ with manual az/el KF6A homebrew 5el G0KSC OWA

OE9ICI 6 el with elevation for portable operation
T32C moonset M2 6M8GJ with manual az/el G0LFF 5 el LFA and 100w, horizon only

W9GA 2x5 el with full elevation
VK9N/ZL1RS homebrew 5/5 horizon only
ZS6A at 3DA0FC with Mē 6M7JHV & 400w

S51D 5 el horizon only
G4HBA 6 el LFA
K7ULS Mē 6M7 & 400w mountain topping

K5N in DL88 150w, full elevation
EI2GLB 6 el LFA 100w, horizon only
N5K in DL89, Mē 6M8GJ with full elevation

SK0TM 11 el
VE1JF 11 el OWL with K0XG el
FO4BM rooftop Mē 6M7JHV, horizon only

S51D 9 el horizon only
F5NBU 5 el LFA and 700w
OE3GCU 7 el LFA and 200w

KL7AR 2x7 el LFA with full elevation
E6M Mē 6M8GJ with manual aiming
8S7SIX 4x9 el, horizon only

W6BBS 4 x Mē  6M7 with full elevation
W1JJ 2 x Mē  6M7JHV K7CW Mē  6M9KHW with elevation

N3XX 4 x 7el LFA
CY0/VE1AWW 5 el CushCraft horizon only
YU7EF 8 el

WA4NJP 2x7 el YU7EF
TJ3SN 7 el horizon only
Low K8WW 8 el YU7EF with elevation

W4IMD 6el YU7EF with manual elevation
YO2BCT 7 el I0JXX horizon only
UW7LL/A 8 el and 100w, horizon only

YO3DDZ  M2 6M9KHW horizon only
ZL1RS homebrew 7 element horizon only
9A5CW 10 el YU7EF horizon only

BV2DQ 6 element
N2NL 6 el LFA
K4N in EL84 6M7JHV, 1.5 kw, horizon only

VK5SIX Pair of 7 element LFA with elevation
AB3CV M2 6M5X in stealth mode

J45EME 7 el I0JXX with manual az and el
W7JW 2x YU7EF 8 el with full elevation
W7JW 2x5 el CushCraft horizon only

K8WW YU7EF 9 el with elevation to 60 deg.
K7RWT 4 x M2 6M5X with full elevation EA3KU 6 el horizon only

IK7UXY 7 el
PA3DZL 7 el VE7BQH with full elevation
OX3LX duoband 6+10m in GP47

6M8GJ at KH8/W7GJ
6M8GJ at KB3SII on the FN56/FN57 line
N3CXV 6M5X horizon only

EF0611 at OA4TT with manual elevation
Z21EME 6M2.5WLC with manual elevation

ZA/PA2CHR 7 el LFA with elevation
OE5MPL 6 el YU7EF horizon only

ON7EQ 4 element 4m/6m dual band yagi
ER5WU/ER5GB 2x YU7EF 7 el with elevation
OZ2OE 5 el YU7EF 50/70 yagi with 200w

ZS4TX/6 homebrew 7 el yagi with elevation
K4PI 4x6M7JHV with full elevation
KG7H 4x6M9KHW with full elevation

N7IP 4x6M9KHW with full elevation
ER5WU/ER5GB 2x7 YU7EF with elevations
TY2AC 6M7JHV and ACOM 1000

SM5KWU 6 el CL6DX yagi horizon only OH6MIK 4x9 el LFA with elevation

F6HLC M2 6M7JHV horizon only
NR0X group M2 6M9KHW with manual elevation  VE1JF 11 el OWL yagi with elevation

V6M 6M8GJ with manual elevation
T8GJ 6M8GJ with manual elevation
VK9CGJ 6M8GJ with manual elevation

VK9XGJ 6M8GJ with manual elevation VP8WOS/VP8EME 7 el LFA horizon only
7P8Z (ZS4TX) 6M8GJ with manual elevation

C21GJ 6M8GJ with manual elevation
VP6D 6M8GJ moonrise only
T77C 2x7 el with elevation

HB9Q 4x7el LFA XPOL with elevation
YU7EF 9 element horizon only
6M8GJ at S79GJ

W6UC 4x10
K5NA 4x5 el LFA
K5XI 4x5 LFA

N0TB 4x8 LFA
KJ9I 4x10 LFA
FO/W7GJ 6M8GJ manual elevation

TX7MB 6M8GJ manual elevation
AA7A 4x6 LFA

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